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The Contenders were a unique band in their time and place. Made up of four gifted songwriters and singers (plus one great drummer), they set new standards for expressive writing, singing, and harmonizing. We are pleased to offer this updated reissue of their one and only album from 1978.


The Contenders CD is here! The groundbreaking recording from 1978 is available now from Amazon and all the streaming services. Champ Hood, Walter Hyatt, Tommy Goldsmith, Steve Runkle, and Jimbeau Walsh peopled this unique Nashville group that brought together their blues, soul, country, rock, and bluegrass roots into a slew of great original songs, driven by tight harmonies and instrumental flights way different from what anyone else was doing. The record is greatly improved with a new mix and mastering from the original studio tapes, fulfilling its promise at last. A new bonus track from those sessions, “Getaway,” features guest contributions for Marcia Ball, Willis Alan Ramsey, Warren Hood, and others. MORE INFO >

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